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Traveling doesn’t only mean to visit a new place; it means an adventure which is full of mystery and fun. Whether you go out for tasting different wines or you visit a museum, it is all part of traveling. However, there is one thing that many people love and that is hiking. As a matter of fact, the real adventure lies in hiking. Thankfully, there are many places filled with breathtaking hiking trails. So, pack your bags and make sure you don’t forget your hiking boots because we have the top five dreamy hiking trails in 2020.

Inca Trail, Peru

Five centuries ago, the Incas carved this 40-kilometer trail and it was known as a holy pilgrimage into Machu Picchu. Today, many travelers, all around the globe, visit this place just for hiking. It is a four to five days journey full of an amazing experience.

Appalachian Trail, USA

Do you know why the Appalachian Trail is one of the most famous spots for hiking? Because it covers almost 15 states (which is almost 3,500 kilometers). Not everyone finishes this hiking which sets a challenge for all hiking fans.

Annapurna Circuit, Nepal

Annapurna Circuit is opened for foreigners since the 1980s. It is also known as the most heavenly trail. The shape is similar to a horseshoe and it passes through many historical villages. These villages are famous for hospitality. Furthermore, Annapurna Circuit went through some heavy construction. Thanks to this construction, the routes have become shorter however, because of the shortening of routes, the traditional paths were cut out that made Annapurna Circuit famous.

West Coast Trail, Canada

This hiking trail is almost 75 kilometers long and the best part is that it has diverse terrain which entertains throughout your journey. Furthermore, the temperature varies from place to place, for example at one moment the temperature will be of rainforest and the next moment, the temperature gets high like in caves. Because of these hurdles, it is also one of the challenging trails.

Tour du Mont Blanc, Switzerland, Italy, France

Last but not least, if you want to visit one of the best classic hikes, you should definitely travel to Tour du Mont Blanc. So, what is the unique part of this trail? It has the highest peak in the whole of Western Europe. It will take you almost 10 days to complete this trail which will start in Switzerland and ends it in France. You will surely enjoy the variety of backdrops, from forest to the icicles of the snow mountain.


People think that traveling means to visit new places and that is it. However, traveling is more than that. It is a fun adventure with your friends or family. It includes all enjoyable activities such as surfing, tasting different sorts of food, etc. One of these activities is hiking. As a matter of fact, it has a separate fan base. That is why we listed the top five hiking trails that you will surely love. These hiking trails are very challenging so make sure you are fully prepared; the question is are you ready?  


Many people often travel in their spare time. They think that traveling is more of a hobby and you might be one of them. You are not wrong at all, people have developed this as a hobby and whenever they get time, the first thing they do is pack their bags, grab their passport and ticket, and head to the airport.  However, traveling isn’t just a hobby, it has become a part of some people’s life. That is why we came up with this blog to tell you how traveling has become a part of their lives.

Working Remotely

Let’s agree that many companies don’t even require big offices filled with Air conditioners, heaters, beautiful images, etc. Let’s say you are a software engineer; all you need a laptop and a good internet connection. It means you can work from anywhere you want.

So, some of them grab their laptop and other traveling stuff and start their journey. They divide their day that one time they are having time of their life and other times they work for their living such as traveling in the morning to evening and working at night.

Nomadic Lifestyle

The nomadic lifestyle is the perfect example of people who work as well as travel at the same moment. As a matter of fact, many couples prefer a nomadic lifestyle because it is full of fun and adventure. They work as a freelancer and traveling is in their blood.

Benefits of Nomadic Lifestyle

The biggest advantage is that it will keep you active and healthy. Many people get bored with their lifestyle. Same old nine to five working hours and then going back to their homes taking care of their family. There is no spark in this lifestyle. However, if we talk about the nomadic lifestyle, your next day will be different from your previous day.

Furthermore, you will experience much more than you travel on your vacations or any other spare time. Not only that, but you will also learn so many new things and not to mention tasting different varieties of food.

Drawbacks of Nomadic Lifestyle

Not everyone is okay to work remotely and travel permanently. Moreover, you can work as a freelancer but if you are working with an agency, they won’t like you to work remotely since they keep an eye on their employees. This way you can easily lose your job and without a job, how will you travel? 

In addition, all you will need is a laptop and a stable internet to work. What if the location you visited doesn’t have internet or they have poor internet? This won’t be acceptable for the company, right? In conclusion, the nomadic lifestyle is good for you since you get to visit new places, however, the problem you will face is securing your job. Finding those companies that allow you this lifestyle is like finding a needle from a haystack.


Do you know what makes a place special? It is the number of visitors that keep returning the same place. It can be a game-changing restaurant or some ancient ruins. If people keep coming back to the same place, again and again, that means this place is one of the best places. These places are worth visiting and if you are traveling for the first time then mark these places as your destination.

So, whether you are traveling with your friends or planning a family vacation, below are the top 5 places that you should visit.

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Addis Ababa is a wonderful place and it is the capital of Ethiopia. However, it was not opened for tourism but a few years ago, prime minister, Abiy Ahmed, opened this palace to the public. Today, this place has become a center of attraction. Thanks to the artist Elias Sime, who build the public garden, resulted in a big increase of travelers. Furthermore, the major expansion of the airport of Addis Ababa brought many new visitors from the U.S.

Arequipa, Peru

If you love volcanos then you will surely love Arequipa. It is cornered by 3 volcanos and that is why it is a very popular place to visit. Furthermore, in 2000, it got the historic center of Arequipa UNESCO World Heritage status. Today, this town has many visitors not only because of the volcanos but because of the historical sites as well as the architecture. Finally, the weather is amazing which will keep your plans active.

Asheville, North Carolina

Asheville is a small town but when you are there, you won’t feel it a small town. As a matter of fact, you will feel as if it is a very big town. It is the home to food and drinks entrepreneurs, artists, and musicians. Today, this mountain town has become more friendly offering you a sophisticated side of Appalachia. Furthermore, if you have a little to spare, do visit the Asheville Art Museum, you won’t regret it.


Europe is full of attractive places and Austria is one of them. Austria is popular because of the amazing cutting-edge arts institutions. In the past, Austria was considered as the cream of the Germanic world and to this date, because of the development project, Austria made his place in one of the must-visit places. If you are fond of museums and arts, you should definitely visit this place.

Beijing, China

Do you know at least 70 million people travel to Beijing annually? Beijing is one of the places which gives you a next-level experience. Either you hang out in hutongs (Chinese narrow street) or you went to visit the Great Wall of China, you will surely feel aesthetic. Furthermore, recently the Chinese government has allowed visitors to visit the forbidden city. It is one of the largest complex palaces that you can find in this world. Last but not least, Beijing has one of the finest architectures so if you love architecture, you know what to do next.


Let’s agree that traveling brings happiness. Just imagine, packing your bags, meeting your friend at the airport, have a great adventure, what a pleasant image, right? However, you might be surprised to know that traveling has an impact on your life as well. When you arrive in a different country which has a different culture and environment, you will start feeling different than usual. You start to feel more energetic and excited to learn as well as witness some of the beautiful sights in this world. For example, the sight of a sunset behind the Colosseum in Rome is priceless. You start to adopt new things. Furthermore, you become eager to try new foods which you won’t even imagine. This means traveling changes you and even if you are not convinced, we got five reasons which will change your thinking about traveling.

1.     Develop Your Perspective

Life is a blessing but many people don’t realize how important is life. As my buddies at mississauga roofing once said, “However bad life may seem there is always hope and while there’s life, there is hope”. Traveling changes your thoughts and you start to be more thankful and appreciative. You get to understand the different lifestyles and cultures of people. In addition, you also start to evaluate your own life and this will help you to understand how much you are blessed.

2.   Live in the Moment

Whether you are gazing at the pyramids of Egypt or some other ancient ruins, you will feel as if the time stopped and you start to live in that moment. Travelling is like a feast for our eyes. You must have experienced this when you saw something beautiful in a museum or any other place. At those moments, you forget everything, and hence, you start living at that moment.

3.   Value Experience Over Things

Sometimes, you don’t need luxurious cars or houses, all you need is a beautiful sight where you can close your eyes and float in your thoughts. These sights make their place in your memory. So, when you went to bed and close your eyes, you start to think of those moments and it will surely bring a smile on your face.

4.   Learn How to Live a Positive Life

There will be a time when things won’t go according to the plan such as you lost your luggage or your camera or any other gadget got malfunctioned. This doesn’t mean the end of your plan, right? You still continue your journey without them. Of course, there will be a moment of frustrating but you won’t let that take over you, right?

5.   More Open to Different Ways of Life

All countries have different cultures as well as traditions. When you visit a place, you start to accept their traditions and culture. Moreover, you start to practice it and this not only makes you happy but it opens an option to adopt their lifestyle. Sometimes, all you need is a chance to cherish your life, because why not?

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Niagara Falls

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